Friday, April 2, 2010

Carpe Diem

Whatta great day, I'm on my bike first thing, head over to my new pool at LA fitness, windows lookin out at the Zoo's water tower, this rocks! The weather is fantastic and it’s my junkin’ day. I set out for Hamtramck. I describe it as Detroit’s version of Brooklyn. Do you know they speak 27 different languages there? The houses are practically touching and right up on the street so people can actually have conversations with their neighbors, walk in to town for a bite, a drink, do a little shopping. I dig that old Polish sausage shop with all the plants in the windows and weird items for sale from the old country, not to mention the best sausage and prices. My friend Michele has a yoga studio on the main drag, The Yoga Suite (, which she shares with her partner Mark’s law office with only a curtain separating them. The space is a 100 year-old store front and she has fabulous taste, perfect chillin’ vibe for getting down into some relaxation posture. She’s got stuff to peddle and I know this will be a good junkin’ day. A HOT I mean HOT pair of matching burgundy mohair velvet settees, metal cabinets, blackboards, wire basket, planters, industrial shelves, carts, tables, chairs… I gotta make trips! We hit Maria’s up the street for some yummy Mexican food and swing by a building that she is currently designing a BBQ restaurant in. We talk about using some lab tables I have for seating, stools, lights etc. I pitch a fit cause they don’t want to expose the full 20’ ceilings with original tin. People, you gotta know it just don’t feel right eating under fluorescent lights and drop ceilings, no! Design matters to a restaurant’s success, success anywhere. I say we’ll save them money on a cool salvage look, so spring for the extra utilities already. I gotta split, I’m back downtown later for a really rockin concert. It’s the kind where you know all the words to the songs, and you and 1000 other fans are all dancing and belting out the tune together, well that’s how I roll anyway. My buddy Tim who owns Zumbas Mexican Grille (coupons online) down the street from me is always my date of choice. I kill two birds, have a good time and get a little gorilla marketing, Detroit style, in. I don’t have to do anything: Tim knows everybody and is introducing me while bragging on my store. The Stone Temple Pilots is a band I love live and it’s at the Fillmore, a gorgeous old theater in one of my favorite blocks. Around the corner is Cliff Bell’s, which mixes a killer martini and hosts cool events, my favorite being “The Moth” the open-mike story telling thing. We make last call at the Bosco in Ferndale to hear Crowned Heads, some swanky live duo and I fall into bed at midnight. Carpe Diem Dude!