Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday at Market

I lie there every sunday, warm in my bed at 7:30am and have that argument about why I deserve to stay there, mostly losing the argument, putting on yesterday's clothes and a ballcap over my head and head to the flea market. It's my job and if I'm lucky I'm not saying why did I bother? at 9:00am. This morning my favorite dealer (who's always worth the trip, even if I find nothing) the pawnshop savant and guitar-playing MarkyD had the most beautiful bass fiddle for sale. I want it in the worst way, it's got everything I love in an item: size, sensual form, and timeless beauty. And then he played it... Well best I can do is find a loving home for it, and maybe Mark will let me host it for a while. Meanwhile, now that I'm at the shop every day it's open, I'm constantly looking for new items, new ways to use those items and designing sets. This week one of my inner city pickers brought in the most gorgeous 60's flocked wallpaper which we promptly hung side by each across an entire wall. Instantly, we had a photographers dream backdrop, just add model. I want someone to wallpaper a room, even a single wall as I have, using several patterns side by each. I have them priced per roll at $95 ea. but am I ever reluctant to sell them....that's the funny thing about this business, we are in it to sell the very thing we can't part with.

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