Saturday, March 20, 2010

Detroit: the new LA

What we lack in climate, jobs and confidence, we make up for in grit, determination and loyalty. And for the moment we got a cheap place to make movies. (Yo you political types, you just gave Royal Oak away to Saab so don't bs me about the state losing money on movies.) Local trades and talent are polishing their images and mobilizing so that when the movie makers come to Michigan, they don't have to bring outside skill and talent with them. To that end, the creative pros (union and non-union): production and set designers, set decorators, costumers and their suppliers are gathering at my store tonight, the heritage company 2, for a meet, greet and information sharing. There's a lot of movie productions coming to Michigan this year and we want to be ready for them. I'm doing my part as a local connector and supplier. How about you just let your legislator know, this is important work for Michigan now and in the future and we sure need it! P.S. and don't you just love the new acquisition that will greet our guests tonight? Hey, if you can't be pretty, be shocking...

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