Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Openhouse This Thursday

It's a roof-raising, salvage slaving, kinda holiday party. This time, bring your own tool belt. We are making wreaths (and will continue to on our late night thursdays), putting shingles on the roof of House 365 ( to raise money for the homeless and shopping for that one certain someone on the list for whom the mall holds no allure Bring your crafty friends or just support one. Royal Oak is promoting late night Thursdays as part of the shop local campaign so don't just stop at the yellow building on the tracks, park it (check out the new lot across main street, close is sweet!) and take a walk downtown. Every retailer is in on it and there's plenty of places to stop and take in a snack or social beverage. Hope to see you at the party!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Salvage Inspired Wreaths at Inn Season Cafe

Get the magnifying glass out for this one, it's the poster from our wreath show at Inn Season Cafe, our favorite vegitarian restaurant down the street from the shop. We made so many wreaths from all that great detroit salvage we've been collecting, we are happy to have all that bare wall to hang some of them and they are so great together. No two are exactly alike. If you come by the shop, we will soon be sharing all our supplies for you to peruse and choose from should you want to make one yourself. We will be open late night thursdays up to (but not including) Christmas Eve and making wreaths on those nights so bring your crafty self and your crafty friends and family.
December 3rd is our Holiday Openhouse from 5-9pm. We are also hosting Clint Snider's travelling art project house 365 through Tank425 Gallery

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On the set

OK can't save the lafayette building or it's beautiful crown of terracotta finials, but hey that telephone pole laying on the side of the road got a new life! Well a girl's gotta eat gang and now that I'm a prop house for movies, when they want weathered telephone poles, I'm gonna find them. Oh I could get all maudlin about the madness of spending gobs of money building temporary artifices to tell stories while the real ones fall apart but hey, this is the most fun I've had in the salvage business and this movie racket might be the salvation for this old city afterall. Today I got to take my 10 year-old Wyatt downtown to to see the big action on the set of "Vanishing on 7th Street" and there on the street scene is the old Heritage Co. Sign they rented, and a neon sign of ours too, sweet. All that equipment, cranes and trucks, fake sidewalks and lights, people running around talking into headsets all in an old Detroit parking lot. We loved it. I dropped my sign off to them yesterday with the help of my painter friend David King. It just so happened they were painting the store fronts just then and gee could they use a muralist. So I dropped off David too and today admired his quick work painting David Bowie and Joey Ramone on the "record store". Now I'm scrambling to get "props" ready for the new film on the scene "Crave". Oh it's fast and furious and these people work around the clock. As I write this, they are filming Vanishing and will be until midnight I guess. You gotta have stamina for that gig. I'm just happy to see all this weird stuff used, by people who think it's cool, pal around with fun creative types and show my 10 year old how vast and clever and cool the real world can be.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Urban sculpture

Call it post halloween fatigue, we were gonna work on our diy wreaths for an upcoming show and just didn't feel like sitting in the studio. So Jon and I did what we would always rather do on a sunny Monday in the city, junk around. We were on the hunt for lumber for Red Dawn (the movie being filmed here) to blow up and other assorted projects and located this oddity. Like the tree growing through the bike found this spring, the barrel of nails rusted into a solid mass is a product of nature and time. In a place like Detroit, things of no consequence are often left behind and in the absence of human activity, mother nature takes over. Rather like an African fetish with heavy biblical overtones, provided by the universe and rescued by the salvge slave.