Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shuffled off to Buffalo

Spring Buffalo? Hey the slave goes where the salvage is and it just so happens that Buffalo is a beautiful old city (Detroit could take a page out of this book on the saving of old buildings and reusing them, so that I don't have to keep seeing the wreckage in the new york times please!!) and the weather was spectacular. We took off on Monday and hit Toronto for a quick refresher on how a really creative city pulls it together. Check out the new bohemian hotspot on west queen. The artists took over a couple of old hotels and tweaked them, each room a different artist. Kept the old as found look, added a few bits, mostly salvaged and voila. You sooo wanna stay there, all the beautiful people were there My favorite store, commute home always wows me with curated salvage, the things they make from found objects, and the healthy price tags. Then onto Buffalo, my peeps here are crusty characters uber smart, artistic and their eye is lethal. Loaded up on early letterpress, not just letters, whole words! carved wood and stained delicious, 8' theater light super mod, 3 kinds of industrial lights you will want over your kitchen island, 3 kinds letters 2 of which you've never seen I promise, an early dress form, a 50's deco dresser (I'm so flirting with the upcoming modernism show) and the piece de resistance: the giant longhorn head (flocked plaster a must have). I cannot do that commute home display cause I am packed to the rafters...threw it in and hung out back in the sun drinkin beer.