Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to School

For my 46th birthday bought myself a mac laptop. For a woman who has driven used vans for decades, it's like I bought myself a Maserati. Man she's fast!! Just had my guru Jim over (I promised him anonymity for now, but the entrepreneur in me couldn't resist pitching an idea of having in-home project sessions with all my friends who use macs and need help launching their business/personal projects). I'm going to the Apple store (FYI: before it opens, miss A.D.D. cannot do the zoo in there) to have lessons because at this age, let's face it, I'm obsolete (but of course with an in-home guru, that having to go to the store nuisance, embarrassment of ignorance and sharing with strangers ick will be eliminated...I know you are saying sign me up, who doesn't want this? Help me badger him) Once we get, , , and this blog all jiving together, it's just a matter of time before you can actually shop on . With all this linking, syncing and time saving, it's just quite possible that the fledgling "Found in Detroit" kind of "American Pickers" show I envisioned 5 years ago could be a reality. Now aren't you ready to watch the salvage slaves of Detroit, diggin' into some really outrageous finds? I mean that show, enough with the good 'ole boys and the farmers already. You wanna see some weird urban locales and gorilla action...

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