Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going Insane, Taking You With Me

These are the before pictures of two items I love so much that I want to throw them from the tallest building I can find. You know it would be so much easier to just sell regular antiques. I just can't do that. I gotta buy weird posts (you have no idea what these are for) and this metal thing the salvage yard referred to as "big sexy" (really? nevermind) "I like the form, I'll think of something...." she's off and there's no getting her back now. I HAVE A VISION. I am torturing my crew. "Big sexy" requires wiring 48 sockets, I get stuck with this tedius job, I can hardly wait. Atleast I can do this in my heated home. It was some part of a theater prop, I never did understand the guy's explanation of why it was "big sexy." New Yorkers, they are so theatrical. The second project with the 12 posts now involves scrapping the first design idea, which is half-built, and starting a new one more complicated idea… with a week to go. They knew when I said we would just skip the post project for this show, that I was lying. In fact they burst out laughing today when I said verbatim what they thought I would say, "I have to take those posts, but I think we have to make a whole new…." At least they are laughing, we are all accustomed to the last week, work-around-the-clock program. I really thought I could leave it, but these posts are so wicked! They have an obscure ancient purpose. I just can't tell you what they were for, I want you to guess. It's so weirdly practical in a form-follows-function kind-of-way. Each one of them has different shaped teeth or knobs and the cylinders are all different too but the same length (26" long). They've been sitting around since November. I swear I don't have one good idea until I'm in a pressure cooker. Throw in there some additional stress with blizzards here and in New York, truck issues, health problems and budget constraints and it's the perfect storm for productivity. Why today I finally got around to deciding what to do with those lab stands I bought….two months ago…Have I figured out the rest of what I'm taking? No, I decided to spend 3 days stripping paint off some scrap metal...I HAVE A VISION...welcome to my nightmare.

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