Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A restaurant thrives in Detroit

You should have seen the smile on Dave Mancini's face as he celebrated the one year anniversary of Supino's pizzeria in Eastern Market. There he was hosting a party at the Farnsworth community garden, sharing the wealth. Already one year in and on his way to a beer and wine license yahoo! a solid following paying off that $$italian brick oven and the foundation in place for his outdoor oven at Farnsworth gardens courtesy of Molly Motor chef/gardener/ceramicist extraordinaire. I'm sure all the high five's from the diva's of food in the media didn't hurt (even yours truly got a plug or two for the Detroit found object interiors). I took the whole family down and we noshed on fresh food and veggies from the local garden/farms, drank Motor City Beer from the keg, cruised across the street to the Yes Farm theatre/gallery (http://www.theyesfarm.blogspot.com/) to watch a sweet 20 minute short film by Nicole MacDonald about the city and then cheered my 10-year old Wyatt on as he played soccer on the vacant lot adjacent. This is how community should be: block parties, all ages, potluck of healthy food and people playing a game together. The suburbs should take a page outta of this handbook.

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