Friday, August 28, 2009

a house of salvage at TANK gallery

I'm smitten with Clint Snyder's installation at TANK (check it out on facebook TANK/425), the practical art school and gallery at my husband's studio. It's a mini house of salvage. I've always said we could build a whole house of salvage with the stuff strewn about this city and Clint's mini one is a good start. I particularly love that it was built for an artist's designed putt putt golf course in Detroit at the Caid Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, curated by Graham White and called "Puttopia." Clint's letting me "decorate" the place and tonight he'll be unveiling it. Clint's a serious painter, in a silly clown kind of a way, and a passionate Detroiter. Rick and I have a painting I really love of his. It's of a rundown house in Hamtramck done on recycled lumber. We had to pay him in trips to Arizona and New York City with my mother (do we drive a hard bargain or what) and possibly that's why he's calling this show "taking bad ideas to necessary conclusions." I don't know, but we can all find out tonight. He's teaming up with a Roeper student and you know how smart those kids are so I think this is going to be a good one. See you at 7pm

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