Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running Off to Join the Circus

Every now and again a sale makes me say, "now there's a good story." Just this past Monday I sold a rickshaw to a couple running off to join the circus...for real...Check out Andy and his girlfriend, Sea Jae (CJ) of the Detroit Circus and Players Guild, proud new owners of this Heritage Co. special. He does a trick with fire at the end of a rope he whips around. She turns a hoola hoop. They're off to South Carolina next week to join up with The Inner Circus down there. How the rickshaw will work into the act, I can't say, but I can sure see the possibilities. They could too, despite the quirky mechanics (the bike was clearly rigged up and handmade). Sea Jae's dad said, "well, will it make you any money?" I don't know about you, but as investments go these days, I'm betting on youth and the rastafarian rickshaw act. Shoot who wouldn't pay for this hunk to wheel their butt around in this showstopper? It's like it's own carnival ride. Speaking of carnival rides, I bought it a while ago from some drunk guys who were drinking through a 30-pack of pabst at the picnic table, with their pit bull chained to the top and barking like he meant to kill me, in some back lot in Southwest Detroit. Of course I had back up, come on I'm a suburban mom remember? My buddy who rescues animals for a living is the one who spotted it there in the first place and called me on the "salvage hotline" to meet him there. It was quite the traffic stopper, driving with it strapped to my husband's beat up old pick-up. Here's the karmic kicker; on our way home we drove the city streets, not trusting this load to highway speeds. Our spirits were high as the latest best-ever find was now in our possession. We passed some school carnival on the way home and pulled off for a corn dog and a ride on the tilt-a-whirl. Isn't that some kind of freaky foreshadowing? I told you it was a good story. Always something of interest on the streets of Detroit...stay tuned

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