Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Postcards from Detroit

Every now and again you fall in love with something that you just have to have, budgets be damned. A painting hanging in our living room by Stephen Magsig is one of those things. Now may not be the time to invest in one of these glorious larger works, but you can own one of his “postcards” for $100. I just so happened to be at his and his partner (a fine artist in her own right) Janet Hamrick’s garage sale last Saturday in Ferndale and got to talking with them about art, Detroit and the future. Stephen walked me back through their garden to his beautiful studio in the garage he converted and showed me these little jewels. He has made the painting of these postcards a daily ritual and sold many of the 600 he’s already painted. Wisely, he captured many of these iconic Detroit images in two books he has published (which I hope to make available at my shop) called Postcards from Detroit. Log onto his blog myartspage.blogspot.com/ to see the postcard paintings still available or to buy a book. To see his larger works, take a ride to the David Klein gallery in Birmingham. Should you fall in love, Detroiters, remember an investment in Detroit art, its artists and the courageous local galleries supporting them is ultimately an investment in yourself.

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