Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kind of Design

I could be going to any number of world class museums in New York today or picking a walking route to look at buildings. Failing that, picking a central median say at 23rd and 6th or is it Broadway? and sitting at the smartly placed chairs where two avenues converge and just looking at the sea of interesting, brilliant, gorgeous and shocking people who pass by. That swimsuit model actually has the formula to harness all this human energy and end our dependence on natural resources. He looks homeless but is keeping your cell phone from dropping calls. That guy that looks like someone famous is. What does that guy have around his neck? Oh it's part of a drapery treatment. Everybody else is lost and can't stay out of the way( I recommend handlers, I have mine, you get your own).

I'm 45 minutes by the metro or car and 5 minutes by private helicopter. I am still in my pj's, writing this and making cookies with what I found in the cupboard. I will head in the opposite direction to see my fourth grade friend Linda and her 4 gymnastic kids in beautiful Lloyd Harbor and make dinner with the contents of her cupboards. In a sea of fantastic food and chefs, nobody has the time to cook and either would I, but I do. I want to contribute and make people happy. It will take me a week to sort out who said what to me this weekend and I'd have to drop everything to read up (with dictionary) to know what it meant. Man, even the people unloading trucks at the Pier Show have PhD's in something, I just wish they had listened to me say, "don't put the heavy boxes on top of the pegboard walls (crack)."

Practical at heart, handy and banking on pleasant in the absence of homework and unread assignments. How good for me to practice listening skills (please, I'm sensitive) and learn what I can about art, photography, comedy improv (on speed), current affairs, defensive driving. It's afforded me the time to study creative design solutions for everything under the sun and hopefully employ it in Detroit. Being kind and interested in other people could only make the solutions to any problem better, we just gotta remember that when we start designing them.

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