Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who would want to run the NYC marathon?

No one. That's the truth. No one wants to run 26 miles. You run 26 miles because you have to. I'm glad I don't have to. But it's 2:18 am and I just sat down to eat something like dinner, it sure feels like a marathon. I think it was only 8 miles, but by foot and train from the West Village to my Forest Hills stop in Queens, it was an hour and 40 min. commute. Yes, I sat at the wrong platform for 3 trains, before I realized mine wasn't gonna come here. And, I lost my metro card and had to fumble around for awhile before I said f--k it, just buy another. O.K. that's it, I'm done whining. Roll your eyes if you want, I can't see you. This is a very big pond, my fish just got smaller. But in water's distortion, I think I am bigger. So I met two really lovely men at the Rhinebeck show last month, the ones that spent their time and money with me. They said it was because I was nice and funny, good information. When they said they couldn't hang the light they bought, I offered to come over and do it on my next trip. So I followed up and they invited me over. I'm not going to tell you how wide my eyes got when I arrived at their apartment. They have big jobs, it doesn't seem to be fazing them. They are decorating the place themselves. They hung the ratty flag with the nude unstretched over it and over their bed. When they told me my stuff changed the feeling of their place, well it did a little. I wasn't in the door 10 minutes and I found I was holding the lucky ticket...cigarettes...Like how did they know I don't smoke regularly and had them? Of course they don't either...nice bond, my husband will love this. We had 3-hour group therapy starting at 9pm and then I got busy on the consultation. Said the "cool" light should go over the pine cabinet (and not blocking the view of the water and the lights of New Jersey!) Asked for something to put it up on, like those matching kiddie chairs looking bullied next to that couch, plugged it in at the dark entrance and voila! I'm a genius...well they thought so. Now I'm 12..look at me! look at me! Next I'm gonna do cartwheels. We need lights next to the New Jersey window view. Those industrial caged bulb and socket kind lying on the desk. I need a 10' ladder. Do you have a drill? It's some old boyfriend's good Dewalt, they don't know they don't use it. Already got the right bit in it. 4 drywall screws, a measuring tape, some nails a hammer, those hooks doing nothing there. Now we have sconces on either side of the window, cords neatly tucked against the window frame. Take all those pictures down, put the old oars underneath, much better. Some problems solved. All of lower Manhattan out the panorama of views from New Jersey all the way around to the top of Citibank in Brooklyn. They said I was pretty, hugged and kissed me goodbye. What a really very nice thing they did for me. Now I've known them 5 hours and all our lives, at least that's how it felt tonight. If this is a distorted view, well ignorance is bliss. Shit, I forgot to take pictures...next time, they invited me back over :).

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