Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a Star

That someone wanted the giant star of Bethlehem (it's 5 feet tall) from an old 1950-60's civic display this holiday season does not surprise me. That she wanted it over-nighted today, across the country in time for the weekend, now that constitutes extraordinary. Even the UPS team looked shocked, never mind that the cost to ship was 4x the price...Hey there are salvage slaves and then there are salvage slaves. Clearly I am not alone and what a relief that is. So when all that soulless commercialism gets you down, and the sea of look alike objects is drowning you, know that the salvage slaves are out there, good times and bad, leaving no stones unturned to find that unique something that moves their hearts and compels them to go to extraordinary lengths to make that object their own. To those of you who have supported this salvage slave in this most extraordinary of years to continue to persist in this particular obssession on your behalf, my deepest heartfelt gratitude. May all your days be merry and bright...marisa