Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

Did the ground hog see his shadow? Seems like everyday around here lately is ground hog day. All January I thought, the yesterdays looked like the tomorrows and wore the same clothes everyday. Damn but it was cold, my heating bills look like mortgages. But hey the sun was shining today and it was over 20 so I washed the car and in Detroit, that's a good day. Took a drive through the country and picked up "eddie" (name he came with),this 1920's Ambercrombie and Fitch rhino that looks strangely like my dog. Hey it's a crisis, and Eddie needs a good home. Word from Washington is we've got to shop a little, just don't spend the fund under the mattress. I say Eddie is as solid an investment as Citigroup and he'll look good in the living room. Funny thing, I'm actually doing some business in Detroit and our fabulous former mayor may get hired away to Texas, things are looking up. The industrial stuff is looking hot and I've hunted up some choice pieces. I sold giant foundry bellows to my favorite forward thinking designer Ron Rea, he's got it hanging in a restaurant. A handsome young couple is gutting an old house in upscale Birmingham and boldly going industrial with it. And well everyday people are just out and buying interesting things to feather their nests since it looks like they're going to be in the same ones for awhile. I'm cutting back on over-priced martinis to fund my purchases, you give up the french manicures and I'll see you at the flea market.

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